About Us



Our mission is provide you with an exceptional coffee and tea experience and by partnering together, we provide a clean fresh sustainable source of clean drinking water for families in need


We started a family owned coffee shop in 2005 where our passion for great coffee and the love of serving our customers grew for many years. During those years our heart for missions led us to the discovery that many people around the world have limited or no access to clean affordable drinking water sources for maintaining a family's health and well being. So we joined the effort to bring clean water treatment systems to villages in need by partnering with Living Waters for the World. We attended "Clean Water U" where we learned how to educate people on the need for clean water as well as how to build and install these life saving systems. By joining our church mission team on our first trips to the mountains of the Dominican Republic, we were able to bring clean water to 9 villages while sharing the Love of Christ with the people there. Those first water treatment systems have today produced over a million gallons of clean water.

Fast forward to today. We decided to merge our Passions: Christ, Coffee, Clean Water and Customer Service. So for every cup of AMAZING "FreshWater Coffee or Tea” you enjoy - You partner with us in providing a safe, clean, affordable, and sustainable water source for families around the world.


All of our coffees are 100% mountain grown, "Premium Grade" Arabica Beans,("that's important" and why the coffee tastes so much better than supermarket coffee)  FreshWater Coffee is roasted, ground and/or flavored if needed, vacuum sealed in some of the finest quality foil bags available in the industry (also very important) and shipped within 24 hours of receiving your order. You will be amazed at how flavorful FreshWater Coffee is from the first cup to the last. We also offer the best tasting Decaf Coffee too using the 100% chemical free Swiss Water Process (SWP). Also the best decaffination process.

We offer many Single Origin Coffees from around the world available in one lb. bags. Some are also available as Decaf. Either will provide you with an amazing coffee experience while providing families around the world with clean fresh water- a win win in anyone's book.

Our Flavored Coffees come in one lb. (a full 16oz) bags in over 80 amazing varieties from Apple Strudel to White Chocolate with many fruity, nutty, chocolaty, liqueur, holiday and other amazing flavors to entice and tantalize your taste buds. Join our subscription program (available soon) and we will send you a different flavor each month. Available in Regular and Decaf.




At our coffee shop we had as many tea drinkers as coffee lovers and we certainly don't want to leave anyone out, so we are proud to offer a selection of organic "Mighty Leaf" Teas, fifteen bags to the box. These amazing teas are some of the best the planet has to offer.



OUR BLOG -  "The Tasting Room"

 Each month we will offer coffee tips and snips on the best ways to enjoy your coffee and tea, along with interesting facts, and of course, what projects we and other Living Waters for the World Partners are up to as well as featuring a country of the month and coffee from that area.

You will also find opportunities to join in the effort to bring clean affordable water to improve family health and well being all around the world. Let the adventure begin by finding great coffee and tea to enjoy as you help us to fulfill this worthy mission. God Bless you and yours. Thanks for your Business - We appreciate you!